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探险中心是一个室内游乐场。 我们举办生日聚会。 我们也有放学后和夏令营。 在探索中心,我们有钢琴课为初学者以低成本。

Engineering For Kids® classes

Engineering Club: Mechanical Engineering & Robotics

Junior level (Age 4-7) More info

Apprentice Level (Age 8-12) More info


Age 4-7
$120.005:30-6:30 Friday
Age 8-12

* All prices subject to applicable taxes.

For more details please contact us. 416-705-7605

Tutoring Physics, Mathematics, SSAT Math and SAT Math

We provide private (one-on-one) or small group Mathematics, Physics, MCAT physics and SAT Math tutoring for Grade 9-12 (non-credit).

Our instructors are highly educated, highly experienced and currently teaching at York University. 

Price: $35.00 per hour for private sessions Discounted group rates are available. 

Mathematics grade 9-12

-Principles of Mathematics MPM1D Grade 9 Academic
-Foundations of Mathematics MFM1P Grade 9 Applied
-Mathematics LDCC Grade 9
-Principles of Mathematics MPM2D Grade 10 Academic
-Foundations of Mathematics MFM2P Grade 10 Applied
-Mathematics LDCC Grade 10
-Functions MCR3U Grade 11 University
-Functions and Applications MCF3M Grade 11 University/College
-Foundations for College Mathematics MBF3C Grade 11 College
-Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL3E Grade 11 Workplace
-Calculus and Vectors MCV4U Grade 12 University
-Advanced Functions MHF4U Grade 12 University
-Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U Grade 12 University
-College Technology MCT4C Grade 12 College
-Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C Grade 12 College
-Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL4E Grade 12 Workplace
-SAT Math, AP Math
Physics grade 11-12
-Physics SPH3U Grade 11, University
-Earth and Space Science SES4U Grade 12, University
-Physics SPH4U Grade 12, University
-Physics SPH4C Grade 12, College
-MCAT physics

For more details please contact us. 905-237-5574