Piano Practice Room for rent

Don't you have a piano at home to practice? No worries, we have one here!

Price: $10.00 per hour. RSVP required.

For more information please contact us.

10 Great benefits of music learning

-Improvement in the classroom
-Improves neural connections
-Broadens vocabulary
-Reduces stress
-Foster hand/eye coordination
-Aids in language development
-Increases human growth hormone
-Split concentration
-Aural awareness
-Inspires creativity

11 Great benefits of painting

Explore Mix Media Art

Wants to improve your children's motor skill, as well as their creativity?  We can help you! By using a variety of high-grade professional art materials, and a trained curators guide, your child will learn a variety of art techniques and mediums. Projects are seasonally themed and change from session to session. The cost of the materials is $10.

Parent & Tot Workshop
1 hr
$20 per session
Wed @ 10:00 AM
4-6 years
1 hr
$64 for 4 sessions
Tue @ 4:30 PM
1.30 hr
$96 for 4 sessions
Mon @ 4:30

* All prices subject to applicable taxes.

For more details please contact us.

Explore Music for all levels

The best age to learn piano is at 5, however, it is never too late as many says.

Bring the art of music to young children with our educated teachers.

We have fun, enjoyable, and interesting way to teach piano and singing to your children.

This could be one to one or group lessons. Group lessons will cover piano playing, music theories,

and vocal singing all package in one lesson! 

Students will build up their confidence by singing and learning music theory much faster

while playing songs that we have sung in the class.

We also can help your kids to get ready for RCM exams.

Price for private sessions:
- A 15 min trial session is Free for new students.
- Beginners: $15 per 30 min

- Pre-RCM $20 per 30 min 

- RCM levels: Each level adds $1 to the base price. (e.g. Level 1: $21 per 30 min)

Price for group lessons (kids 4-6)

- $15 per hour per person. (Group of 4 or more) 


- Pay $10 more to play one hour in the playground

For more information please contact us.

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探险中心是一个室内游乐场。 我们举办生日聚会。 我们也有放学后和夏令营。 在探索中心,我们有钢琴课为初学者以低成本。