Apprentice Level Engineering for Kids Class (Age 8-12)

Engineering Club: Robotics & Mechanical Engineering

Date: Fridays Jan 26 - March 2, 2018

Tuition: $120

Program Details

Robot Intelligence

Students will discover that robots have to be programmed and a robot does not work as soon as it is built.

Bouncing off the Walls

Students will put ultrasonic sensors on their robots to give them virtual eyes. The ultrasonic sensors do look like eyes, but they work by bouncing sound off of objects to judge their relative distance. This lesson will provide insight into how SONAR is used in real-world applications.

Arm Flexing

Will be challenged to program their robot to drive to a ping-pong ball and hit the ball with an arm. The students will be competing against one another to get the ping-pong ball the furthest.

Line Follow

Students will be introduced to a new light sensor and build upon what they learned in Bouncing Off the Walls. With the light sensor, their robot will be able to differentiate between light and dark and navigate its way around a track.

Tug of War

Kids will be challenged with overpowering their opponents. The students will build robots that pull against each other. Whichever robot is stronger will win. Aspects of the robot will be modified to achieve maximum traction.


In the final class, kids build and battle robots to push the opponent’s robot outside of the Sumo Ring. Students will need to use what they learned from prior lessons to make a robot that is very stable, utilizes sensors, and maybe even an arm for flipping.

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探险中心是一个室内游乐场。 我们举办生日聚会。 我们也有放学后和夏令营。 在探索中心,我们有钢琴课为初学者以低成本。